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#twitter | Ep. 77

Advice - My best friend keeps doing her eyebrows SO BAD like they look like stenciled on they dont look normal and I dont know how to tell her, what do I do?

Nico doesn't know - why are there different sizes of tampons

- Elon musk found out people were talking trash about him and twitter in slack (a messaging app) and fired them overnight in an email. Is this ok? if this happened in DG would it be alright?

- Kids who feel poorer than their friends more likely to have mental health problems

- biggest money red flag in a relationship is when your partner is overly flashy and you know they dont have the money to be

- woman in the UK is marrying a guy from prison who has murdered two people, if she was dope would you do it? she got his name tattoo'd on her face and everything

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